Who Are We?

ByChàlai Beauty is an online store based in London, selling the most natural coloured contact lenses. Our lenses are perfect for those who want a dramatic change in eye colour. Our lenses have no limbal ring around the outside of the lens giving a more natural appearance, lasting up to 6 months to a year with proper care of course! And lastly, the comfort of our lenses on the eyes, feeling as if they are barely there! 


Our lenses:

There are five colours available in our collection: Pacific Opal, Ivy, Pearl Grey, Santorini and Cocoa. All these stunning colours will surely mesmerise you with its natural looking result. We will give you hints on what to expect when you wear the ByChàlai Collection.

1. Pacific Opal - Offers a multidimensional set of tones with greens and greys coming together in a pale yet vibrant combination. Allowing it to look more natural and seamless.

2. Ivy - Offers a flawless and earthy look. A light pistachio colour accented with gorgeous coloured flecks, Ivy is one of our best sellers. Wear this colour every day for a completely different look, or on special occasions when you want to be a green-eyed beauty!

3. Pearl Grey - Offers tones of grey and finishes with a warm brown close to the pupil, with a soft limbal ring, completing the multidimensional look. Pearl grey gives you a great daily coloured contact lens option, enhancing your natural beauty.

4. Santorini – this colour slowly fades from a bright blue and finishes with a burst of golden yellow around the pupil. This shade looks vibrant and youthful on anyone! Imagine a blue paradise portrait in your eyes – that’s what you get with Santorini!

5.  Cocoa – offers a true, rich chestnut colour. It is complex and rich, with deeper brown tones highlighted with flecks of yellow, that works with any completion giving off the most subtle and natural look.

Disclaimer: The result/ outcome when wearing our colour contact lenses will vary on your original eye colour, shape of your face, complexion, make-up, lighting and other factors.