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How should I care for my contacts?

When you order, you are confirming that you have consulted an eye care professional (an ophthalmologist or optometrist) and are well informed on how to care for soft contact lenses. However, here are a few tips:

1) ALWAYS wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before touching your contacts and your eyes, as water can contain bacteria that can cause infections.

2) Don't wear your contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day and do not sleep wearing your lenses.

3) Leave them in contact lens solution overnight for at least 8 hours every day after each use. DO NOT use the same solution twice to clean your contacts.

4) Hydrating contact lens eye drops can help moisturise the lenses after long wear.

5) If at any point, you feel discomfort in your eyes, remove the contact lenses immediately and consult your optician/eye care doctor.

6) Do not use your contacts when going inside a pool. 

7) Do not share the contacts with anyone. They are for personal use and sharing the contacts is not only unhygienic but can result in serious eye health complications.

8)  Contact lens solution needs to be replenished and changed frequently in the case where the lenses are stored when the lenses are not being used, as the solution can evaporate and this can cause the lenses to dry up.

Please keep in mind that if you have been deemed not suitable to wear contact lenses by an eye care professional before using them, using unsuitable contact lenses, or using contact lenses incorrectly, can cause serious eye problems including corneal ulcers and infections. In extreme cases, sight loss or blindness can result.

Other risks associated with the use of these contact lenses include conjunctivitis, corneal swelling, allergic reactions, corneal abrasion and reduced vision.

Common questions regarding the use of contacts

Putting your contact lenses in:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or liquid hand wash.

  2. Use a lint-free towel or hard tissue paper to dry your hands. Avoid soft toilet paper or anything that breaks apart easily, the particles could transfer onto your fingers and may cause irritation.

  3. Remove the contact lens from the packaging or case and place it on the tip of your finger, making sure it’s the right way up.

  4. Position yourself in front of a mirror, then using one hand, hold up your upper eyelid with one finger and lower your lower eyelid with another finger. Using your other hand, apply the lens directly onto your eye.

  5. To settle the lens and help it slide into a central position, look up and down and then slowly squeeze your eye shut.

Taking your contact lenses out:

  1. Again, make sure to wash and dry your hands well. It’s much easier to take out your contact lenses if your fingers are dry.

  2. As before, lower your lower eyelid with one finger and raise your upper eyelid with another finger and tilt your head backwards.

  3. Carefully pinch the contact lens using your thumb and index finger.

  4. Look up whilst sliding the lens down to pull the lens off your eye.

  5. Dispose of the lens if it’s a daily disposable or carefully place it inside a contact lens case filled with fresh solution.

What if my lenses are torn or damaged?

DO NOT wear torn or damaged lenses. They cause more harm than good and are not recommended for maintaining good long term eye health. If your lens has broken in the eye remove them immediately with care and please contact our customer service line or send us an email to: info@bychalaibeauty.com

How can I tell if my contact lenses are inside out?

Most lenses will sit in their natural shape, but if you that find they’re folded, gently pop them back into their original form. If the lens is inside out, the edges will look folded.

Is it safe to clean and store my contact lenses in water?

Never use water instead of contact lens solution, and don’t use saliva either as you may transfer bacteria from your mouth.

What do I do if I have slept in my lenses?

If you’ve fallen asleep in your lenses, do not immediately try to take them out. Drink some water to hydrate yourself and insert a few drops of calming eye drops into your eye before removing them.

How to get a broken contact lens out of your eye

Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life. And with contact lenses, you might find that every now and again your lenses tear while you’re putting them in. Torn or damaged lenses might not only interrupt your vision, but could also be extremely uncomfortable on your eye and should be removed quickly to prevent any further discomfort.

  1. Apply some rewetting drops to your eyes – this will make it easier for you to remove the pieces of the lens

  2. Gently massage the lower and upper eyelids until you feel the pieces have come loose

  3. Carefully turn your eyelid inside out and remove any fragments of the lens that are attached

  4. Rinse your eyes with saline solution to ensure hygiene

You can repeat these steps until you’re confident all of the contact lens has been removed. If, after a few tries, you’ve been unsuccessful, it’s best to visit your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Can a contact lens get stuck behind my eye?

No, this is a common myth that aims to explain when someone may not able to feel their contact lens on their eye. In fact, the more likely explanation is always that the lens has either slipped to the side of the eye or has fallen out. It’s important to remember that while a contact lens can become dislodged and move around your eye uncomfortably, it is impossible for the lens to go behind your eye.

What should I do if my contact lens falls out of my eye?

If this happens, it’s important to check whether your lens has torn or split after the fall. Putting a damaged lens back into your eye can cause great discomfort and irritation, as well as distorted and blurred vision. An ill-fitted lens that moves over the eye excessively can also suddenly fall out of the eye, so it’s important to allow your lenses to settle in the right position after applying them. It’s also essential to clean your lenses in contact lens solution to get rid of any dirt or bacteria they may have picked up while being on the floor. Even if the lens looks clean, you can never be too careful when it comes to the hygiene of your eyes.

How can I prevent eye infections from contact lenses?

Eye infections can be unpleasant to endure, so it makes sense to do all you can to avoid this unpleasantness. Fortunately, there are plenty of hygiene and safety tips to follow that can greatly reduce the chances of infection.

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before putting in or taking out your contact lenses

  • Remove your lenses before bed. And, if you’re wearing monthly or two weekly contact lenses, make sure to clean them and store them in contact lens solution properly

  • Clean out your contact lens case with fresh solution after every use, and replace your case entirely every three months

  • If your eyes start to feel irritated or uncomfortable, you should take your contact lenses out as soon as possible to avoid worsening your condition

What should I do if my contact lenses are hurting my eyes?

Your eyes could be hurting from your contact lenses for a couple of reasons, however is most likely down to them not being the right fit for your eyes. It is a requirement to have a copy of your prescription at hand when you order from us just so you know you’re ordering exactly what you need. Lenses are made from lots of different materials and some are designed for different wearing schedules than others. If you’ve been wearing your contacts overnight without having been prescribed extended wear lenses by your optician, this could be the reason your eyes are in pain.

You should wash and dry your hands thoroughly before carefully removing your contact lens. Then, use fresh contact lens solution and gently soak your contact lenses. This should remove any potential irritants from the lens surface. Doing this as soon as you feel some pain from the lens is important to avoid irritating or aggravating your eye. After cleaning and reapplying the lens, if your eye is still hurting, you should take it out again for a closer inspection. Sometimes contacts can split, causing irritation to the eye. If this is the case, you should immediately throw away the lens and apply a new one. 

Having thrown away the damaged lenses, and with a fresh pair in your eyes, the pain should go away very quickly. However, if your eyes are still hurting, it’s advisable to pay a visit to your optician or GP to see if the lenses are suitable for your eyes or if there are any more serious factors at play. And, in instances like these, you should refrain from wearing contact lenses to avoid worsening your eyes’ condition.

The lenses move around in my eye. Why is this happening?

This could be due to several reasons, please see below;

1) These lenses are annual lenses and so have less water content. This can cause extra dryness causing the lens to move around. Use a daily lens moisturiser drops to help make them for comfortable.

2) You are wearing the lens inside out. Please flip it back and try again.

3) You suffer from Astigmatism. This means that your cornea is curved differently and so the lens does not fit properly. You need to confirm this with an eye specialist and next time purchase contact lenses specifically for this condition.

The lenses are uncomfortable and scratching my eye. What can I do?

Please ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the lenses with plenty of solution. If this does not resolve the problem, you may have scratched the lens from handling in which case you will need to dispose of the lenses and purchase new pair.


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